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Live for Today.
Plan for Tomorrow.

The Sweet Life—what does it mean to you?

Is it enjoying more time with loved ones, traveling, financial security, a comfortable retirement, or creating a legacy for the next generation? With our seasoned financial coaching and sound strategies, we help you gain greater financial confidence, and live a life that is rich and fulfilling.


Plan with Purpose

Our process aims to build genuine meaning and purpose into your plan.

The Sweet Life is about finding balance between enjoying life now while properly planning for later. Life isn't a rehearsal. Your “bucket list” items shouldn’t be reserved for your retirement years. We believe you should have the confidence to start enjoying them now.

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A Better Way of Planning

We provide Lifestyle Financial Planning, which is a process to help clients identify, build, and maintain their desired lifestyle. Our process is clear, transparent, and we shift the emphasis away from financial products and investments. Instead, our emphasis is on understanding what is important to you and how we can help bridge your means to your meaning. To accomplish this, we serve three important roles for you:


1. Life Planner

Gain a clear view of what you want to achieve.


2. Financial Planner

Build your comprehensive financial roadmap.


3. Financial Advisor

Financial coaching to make life’s big decisions.

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A Legacy of Success

Rely on the skills of our seasoned team.

Brian LaHue is an award-winning coach. Whether he’s guiding the local high school and junior high track & field athletes, or strategizing with his financial planning clients, he is always knowledgeable, supportive, trusting, experienced, and goal-oriented.

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Planning Is Personal

We understand the importance of the human touch, making an emotional connection, and developing a deeper understanding of your real needs. That’s because we believe financial planning should be personal, and not automated or templated. The Lifestyle Financial Planning process allows us to build lasting and more genuine client relationships.